We provide specially engineered products that allow the automotive industry to maintain temperature and humidity, even to the most precise specifications. Our products are used in a variety of applications.

Complete cars, engines and parts are subjected to a large degree of testing in environmental chambers and wind tunnels. It enables automotive manufacturers to simulate any environmental condition with dehumidification systems that can deliver air as dry as –70°C.
Automotive manufacturers are trying to reduce the amount of pollutants that are emitted into the atmosphere in exhaust gasses. We provide low dew point air that allows for consistent, accurate results for emission analysis.
Cars are often painted in environments under strict temperature and humidity levels. We can create the proper environment in which to apply and dry paint.

Rehoboth also provides dehumidification equipment that makes it possible to manufacture many of the parts that are used in this industry. Our equipment creates the proper environment for testing, production, and transportation of automotive components such as: safety glass, air bags, tyres and plastics, along with many other products.

Machinery and stored car components run the risk of corrosion; this destructive process is arrested by creating a low humidity climate. Once car components have been manufactured, they are transported by land and are protected within the truck/trailer using dehumidifiers.