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Frozen Food Product

Frozen Food Packaging Plant
This frozen food packing plant uses a low temperature spiral freezer to fast freeze food products. The food is then packaged and delivered to a low temperature storage freezer. Ambient water vapor caused frost and ice formations that reduced plant efficiency and created a safety problem.

Exact regulation of temperature and humidity is necessary in the production of many foods. The external climate may vary but in the production process the climate must be constant. From production processes such as pasta cutting, conveying belts, tunnel freezers, blast freezers, spiral freezers or cold stores, to sugar silos conditioning, product transportation and storage, it is possible to achieve important cost savings, by simply mastering the relative humidity of the air around us.

Use of dehumidifiers is able to create the best conditions to convey, cool, freeze, dry and cure foods, right through to packing and storage. This guarantees consistent quality, cost savings and increases throughput.

The key is to control the humidity of the surrounding atmosphere with Rehoboth dehumidifiers. Our dehumidification systems eliminate moisture absorption, condensation, sticking, caking, mould, frost build up and blocked machinery.